dual FSF and FSFE membership

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Wed Jul 19 13:35:53 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

thanks for raising this point, as a member of both I'd indicate that the reason I joined both is so that they both have my money :). I can see a personal benefit to reduced friction, but have no need for reduced cost. That said, for those who can't afford to do that, a single, lower, "global supporter of freedom" membership cost would be a help.


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(this was also queried on the FSF LibrePlanet list[1]) 
Does either organization (FSF or FSFE) have a position on dual 
membership, being a member of both organizations? 
Was this contemplated when the relationship between the two 
organizations originated? 
Has there been any discussion about a reduced membership fee or offering 
a single joining procedure for people to join both organizations in one 
go?  For example, on the membership form for one organization, people 
could tick a box to join the other at the same time for some additional 
fee that is potentially less than the outright fee for the other 
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