dual FSF and FSFE membership

Mat Witts admin at mail.yuj.it
Wed Jul 26 19:13:06 UTC 2017

> Hi Mat,
>> Given each org already has a charitable approach to subs leaving the
>> choice to the individual may be the best strategy.
> For the FSFE and FSF, this is clearly what we do. Which organisation you
> support financially or with your volunteer time should depend on which
> organisation you feel closest to and which organisations' activities you
> would like to support.
> Our activities are largely disjoint and we typically do not have many
> activities which we do together. That we're both a Free Software Foundation
> might be confusing to some, but we also believe it's a great strength for
> the community and our movement to have multiple voices giving weight to
> the Free Software movement, and each with their own set of priorities and
> activities.

This is the correct analysis in my opinion. All other things being
equal, the best thing that can happen to a small coffee shop is for
another one to open across the street, because then the locality gets a
better reputation for serving coffee and attracts more visitors. In a
market where FS needs to obviously needs to 'compete' with non-free -
the more FS orgs there are the better I think. 

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