[REUSE] Unable to complete registration for REUSE Booster

Minyong (Bill) Li ml10g20 at soton.ac.uk
Thu Jun 10 10:30:36 UTC 2021

Hi Max Mehl,

On 10/06/2021 11:13, Max Mehl wrote:

> I can confirm that you've successfully registered your project, actually
> two times. It seems your email client or email provider clicked the
> link for you already. Some systems to that, apparently for phishing
> prevention reasons.

Thank you for your confirmation!

It's the Microsoft 365 Outlook servers who are clicking the links (they 
even wrap the link). I use Thunderbird so I think my email client is not 
doing fishy things.

> After clicking the link once, the confirmation code is deleted. That is
> why you receive this "error". We are evaluating some ways to prevent
> that in our system here [^1].

It's even an issue opened 4 years ago :( I don't know how others prevent 
such behavior, but blocking (standard) bots could actually be a 
solution; they always follow a set of practices allowing site admins to 
control bot behaviors. Another solution can be using JavaScript, which 
won't be run by bots.

Minyong (Bill) Li

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