[REUSE] Please review idea for a modular approach to sources of information

Nico Rikken nico at nicorikken.eu
Fri Jun 11 21:19:38 UTC 2021

Hi REUSE community,

I've noticed that there are 3 pull requests (PR's) that actually
require some restructuring of the code-base before merging. The PR's
are somewhat blocked as a consequence.

These PR's gather information from the project code and system to fill
details like copyright holder, copyright year, maintainer name,
maintainer email, etc. This information can come from many sources and
can be used in multiple commands (like `init` and `addheader`). So even
if we have 2 sources now, it can quickly grow for all types of version
control systems (git, mercurial) and project definition files
(pyproject.toml, package.json, etc.). Two PR's are already in conflict,
so we need a proper solution sooner rather than later.

I took the time to write down my ideas in an issue comment, hoping to
further this discussion and create the space for the outstanding

I hope you can take a look and reply in the GitHub issue thread with
your opinions, concerns and suggestions.

Nico Rikken
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