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Patrick Ohnewein patrick at fsfe.org
Tue Feb 12 17:23:21 UTC 2019

Hi Max,

On 12/02/19 15:57, Max Mehl wrote:
> I thought about this as well, but the focus of FOSS4SMEs is more on Free
> Software*users*  and*newcomers*. As far as I understand REUSE, that's a
> bit different from its target group. But I'd be happy to discuss this.

maybe you are right on this.

The target groups for REUSE in my understanding are:

 1. Software Developers who have been tasked by management to annotate
    copyright and licensing information in the repository
 2. Software Architects looking for projects/libraries/components with
    compatible licenses to their software architecture/project licensing

End-users and newcomers are not the main target. Even if some content, 
which could be interesting for end-users, like basic copyright and 
licensing principles, could also be interesting for the developers, who 
sometimes do really lack the basics.

Therefore I could imagine that REUSE could be a communication channel 
towards developers of the FOSS4SMEs content.

What do you think?


Patrick Ohnewein
Free Software Foundation Europe - https://fsfe.org

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