[Fellowship-Slovenia] Free Software and law related links 27.VI.2011 - 3.VII.2011

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Yet again, I would like to thank Natalia for the great help with gathering 
of these articles and links.

Amongst the things I would like to point out for you this week is an 
interesting find by the 451 Group that lately many companies are omitting 
"open source" as the term to describe their business (see Free Software 
Business section). Why this is so they might (try to) explain in the near 

As there really seems not a week can pass without software patent 
disputes, I would like you to check out the newest happenings in the Oracle 
vs. Google case and who won the bid of Nortel's massive patent portfolio 
(both in Software Patents section). While you're at it, I would warmly 
suggest that you also read Bessen's Generation of Software Patents.

ACTA and it's successor TPPA were also present this week as you can see 
below in the Copyright and Other Legal Act Reforms section.

With great pleasure I have seen the IFOSSLB book mentioned in Groklaw — 
this should be a handy reference to anyone who has to do with legal aspects 
of Free Software (Free Software Licensing section).

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Free Software and law related links 27.VI.2011 - 3.VII.2011

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