Great Site and typos WAS [Fsfe-ie] & launch on monday

Adam Moran adam at
Mon Jan 5 01:05:34 CET 2004

Hi Ciaran,

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

>   We have a website at

Great site ! - I'm reading through it now - dunno how far I'll get 
before the dregs of the booze kicks-in ;)

> Could people take a look and point out mistakes, problems etc?

1.	<h2>Why are these freedoms important?</h2> - 3rd paragraph - typos


* Freedom two, to redistribute copies, is required so that people can 
help eachother.


* If one department is using a piece of software to
write documents, other departments might want a copy of the software so 
that tehy can view the documents,


This is more to do with the URI of the hyperlinks than with your DTD

3.  Internal page links - hash notation


link to:

<h2>What is Free Software?</h2>

Excellent :)

Adam M

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