Great Site and typos WAS [Fsfe-ie] & launch on monday

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Mon Jan 5 04:35:39 CET 2004

Adam Moran <adam at> writes:
> Great site ! - I'm reading through it now - dunno how far I'll get
> before the dregs of the booze kicks-in ;)

oh great.  I've already had two non-native english speakers correct the
engrish in a book I'm writing, now I have a drunk correcting my
spellings and markup...

> eachother


> tehy


> 2.


> 3.  Internal page links - hash notation
> eg
> link to:
> <h2>What is Free Software?</h2>

What's wrong with this?
that my link goes to the preceding <hr> instead of the <h2>?

I've done this so that the "(top)" link will be visible after following
the link.  Is this bad practice?

keep em coming.

Ciaran O'Riordan -

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