FSFE Local group in Belgium

Sam Geeraerts samgee at elmundolibre.be
Sun Nov 13 17:17:05 UTC 2022


I've kind of represented "b" at (b)n(l) meetings for some years now. 
Sometimes some other Belgian shows up, never sticking around. I think 
Belgium (especially Flanders) needs to get more organized with regards 
to software freedom, but pulling that wagon (alone) is a bit much to 
take on. I'm happy to join the (online) conversation. I'll be at 
Wednesday's online NL meeting in any case.

Sam Geeraerts

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Op 12/11/2022 om 15:45 schreef S├ębastien Masson:
> Dear friends,
> Beste vrienden,
> Chers amis,
> I was looking for a local group in Belgium.  Unfortunately, it seems none exists
> yet.  However, there might be some people from Belgium on this list who might be
> interested in discussing in person.
> If there are, would you please contact me so that we could try to organise a
> short talk online or in person, and see if the magic happens?
> I thank you for your feedbacks
> S├ębastien

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