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André Ockers ao at fsfe.org
Sun Nov 13 18:16:29 UTC 2022

Dear Sébastien Masson,

Op zaterdag 12 november 2022 15:45:53 CET schreef Sébastien Masson:
> I was looking for a local group in Belgium.  Unfortunately, it seems none
> exists yet.  However, there might be some people from Belgium on this list
> who might be interested in discussing in person. If there are, would you
> please contact me so that we could try to organise a short talk online or
> in person, and see if the magic happens?

Thanks for reaching out. I've been to the physical FOSDEM continuously since 
2014 and have met Belgian Free Software supporters in the hall of the main 
building to have a chat once or twice. I'm a (basic level) francophone. 

Wishing you all the best, looking forward to meeting Belgian Free Software 

Best regards from Nijmegen,

André Ockers

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