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Op zondag 19 januari 2014 heeft Kevin Keijzer <the_unconventional at fsfe.org>
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> Hi Jelle,
> Hmm, I'll mail fellowship-hackers@ with a request to add my "Dutch"
> tagged posts to the Dutch Fellowship Planet, although I have to admit
> that I rarely -if ever- write anything in Dutch.
> How many active Dutch contributors does the FSFE have, by the way?
> (I'm just curious, because I would only know four, including myself.)
> Some countries have national team pages; like Germany
> (https://fsfe.org/de/), France (https://fsfe.org/fr/), and Italy
> (https://fsfe.org/it/), but there doesn't appear to be a Dutch / Benelux
> page. (Or am I missing something?)
> Hi Kevin,
That's great!

I think Maurice can tell more about how many Dutch contributers we have.
He's the Dutch coordinator and has all the lists.

I don't think there's a Benelux team page yet. There's still a lot of work
to do on the web front, especially regarding translations.

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