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Sat Nov 19 16:36:19 CET 2011

Great campaign, I hope it works. I have limited time to contribute but
please keep me on the mailing list and i'll do what I can when I can.
One point for the proposed campaign. I think we need to show people what
the alternatives to the propriety systems are. For example, if we say
Silverlight, Adobe, etc are too restrictive, we should present something
that can be used as a replacement. Many of the people we need to influence
in the campaign might not be familiar with computer software. We need to
make life as easy as possible when presenting alternatives. Propriety
software will ocntinue to be used as long as people don't know about the
alternative options.

If we give clear examples of software that does respect user freedom this
will help people / organisations to switch and not continue to use
propriety systems.

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Jan Stedehouder
<janstedehouder at>wrote:

> Good evening Hugo,
> 2011/11/18 Hugo Roy <hugo at>:
> > Hi Jan,
> >
> > Just a short personal note. This campaign looks amazing and ambitious.
> > That's great. I would be interested in being in the list for further
> > discussion, in order to launch activities in France as well.
> >
> Thank you. I know the campaign outline is very ambitious, but it is
> possible considering the contacts we have available. Plus, we are
> trying to change something in the educational system, so we better
> have something more than a few pebbles to throw at the mammoth ;-)
> I'll add you to the list.
> Take care
> Jan Stedehouder
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