NLedu campaign plan, draft

Jan Stedehouder janstedehouder at
Sat Nov 19 16:43:44 CET 2011

Hi Iain,

2011/11/19 iain murdoch <iain.murdoch1 at>:
> Great campaign, I hope it works. I have limited time to contribute but
> please keep me on the mailing list and i'll do what I can when I can.
> One point for the proposed campaign. I think we need to show people what the
> alternatives to the propriety systems are. For example, if we say
> Silverlight, Adobe, etc are too restrictive, we should present something
> that can be used as a replacement. Many of the people we need to influence
> in the campaign might not be familiar with computer software. We need to
> make life as easy as possible when presenting alternatives. Propriety
> software will ocntinue to be used as long as people don't know about the
> alternative options.
> If we give clear examples of software that does respect user freedom this
> will help people / organisations to switch and not continue to use propriety
> systems.

I agree completely. For that reason we include writing a whitepaper on
alternatives. Your remarks makes me wonder whether we also shouldn't
include information on how easy it is to move from the current
proprietary/ closed standards solution to an open solution. Just
pointing out the alternatives might not be enough.

Thanks for the suggestions :)



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