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Jelle Hermsen jelle at fsfe.org
Mon Jul 11 06:07:50 CEST 2011

On 07/10/2011 08:24 PM, Mark Lamers wrote:
>     Prima kritiek heren, deze tekst komt van de website en was
>      waarschijnlijk met babelfish of google vertaald. Ik vin jullie
>      argumenten terecht.
>      Dus met zijn allen op etherpad eraan werken heeft ook mijn voorkeur!
I looked at the letter and it's my original translation of the english 
version. Wouldn't mind to have a babel fish in my ear though :) (for all 
the Douglas Adams fans out there). Anyway, while we're at it I suggest 
updating and discussing the content of the Word List for translators: 
Especially translating the word "proprietary" pose a difficulty in 
dutch. At the time I used "onvrij" which is a bit archaic, but I think 
it's better than using something like "eigendomssoftware" to translate 
"proprietary software". At least it's a single world.

The original translation was a very faithful translation (a bit too much 
in retrospect). I's a very good idea if we update it more to fit the BNL 
culture and make it a bit more "soothing", for lack of a better word. A 
one-on-one translation for English to Dutch often gives way to an 
unprecedented bluntness the Dutch politicians are famous for :) So maybe 
it's even best if we ditch the whole translating plan altogether and we 
just try to make a letter with the same message, but written from the 
ground up.


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