[Freedomvote] Freedomvote for Bundestagswahl?

Nico Rikken nico at nicorikken.eu
Wed Mar 15 07:20:41 CET 2017

Hi Nicolas,

Great timing, as the Dutch elections are finalizing today. If I 
understood correctly, Erik Albers was interested in running for the 
German elections. Or at least knew others who did.
Around Fosdem I understood from Erik Albers that in the German system 
the voters have 2 votes: 1 for a party, 1 for a person. I didn't look 
into this in detail. How does that pan out in terms of UI?

I evaluated the UX of two prominent Dutch voting websites. Do you know 
how that relates to the German voting system?
In that regard I think the mockups of the UI are awesome, I'm however 
not sure if the user experience of the voting itself is the best setup. 
As I observe that nearly all Dutch voting platforms have a different 
UX, and just this difference confuses people filling in the Freedomvote 

Anyway, my mind is already turning to different projects, but 
nonetheless I'd like to contribute to a next iteration of Freedomvote. 
Let's keep this fire burning!

Kind regards,
Nico Rikken
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