[Freedomvote] Freedomvote for Bundestagswahl?

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Mon Mar 27 11:45:08 CEST 2017

Hi Nicolas,

On 14.03.2017 13:21, Nicolas Christener wrote:
> It made me really happy to see freedomvote.nl going live and I was thinking
> about the possibility to use the platform for the German Bundestagswahl as
> well.

yes, same here : )

> To make such a project a success, we need someone from Germany who can lead
> the whole thing and we also need devs who would help to refactor the code. >
Our team could help with this, but it has to be a joint effort. The
> promotion and the data collection part needs to happen by others (probably
> persons from Germany).
> What is your opinion, could this be of interest?

Yes, it is. But it is not just in our interest. This year Wikimedia DE took
the initiative and budget to bring together different NGOs in the field of
"digital rights" and "freedom of $something" to develop a Free Software that
is similar to freedomvote although more simple.

They got in contact with the guy who created the Kiez-o-Mat:
as you can see, you can answer some questions for yourself and then you get
matched with your political party. You can set up an account, however.

The FSFE aligned with Wikimedia and partners to form a campaign together that
is supported by many NGOs in our field and gain from each one's fame and own
social groups.

I lobbied for freedomvote as an alternative to use and even offered that the
FSFE will help with the investment in freedomvote. But, in the end I was not
able to convince them. I know that they already have experience with the guy
behind, so I think there is also a personal connection involved in the decision.

I was really sad to see this and would have loved to further invest in
freedomvote. But seeing this coalition already getting active, I absolutely
see no point in coming up with a parallel development for this Bundestagswahl.

BUT: Next year are elections in Italy and we have an active group in Milano,
that I think who could be interested in doing freedomvote as well. I propose
to get in contact with them soon enough (which is also maybe around now)
and run freedomvote for Italian elections?

> Because this election is mainly party centric, we would probably need to
> refactor the code and support this kind of election type as a core
> functionality.

I think this would be in general useful. I am not sure, but I believe that
most of the European elections are party-centric.

Thank you very much for developing freedomvote and to come up with the idea of
using it for the Bundestagswahl.

Best regards,

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