[Freedomvote] Freedomvote for Bundestagswahl?

Nicolas Christener nicolas.christener at ch-open.ch
Tue Mar 14 13:21:04 CET 2017

Hi all,

It made me really happy to see freedomvote.nl going live and I was thinking
about the possibility to use the platform for the German Bundestagswahl as


Because this election is mainly party centric, we would probably need to
refactor the code and support this kind of election type as a core

Also implementing the Mockups we got from Kenny (https://github.com/kennyzehn)
would be awesome: https://github.com/freedomvote/freedomvote/issues/59

To make such a project a success, we need someone from Germany who can lead
the whole thing and we also need devs who would help to refactor the code. Our
team could help with this, but it has to be a joint effort. The promotion and
the data collection part needs to happen by others (probably persons from

What is your opinion, could this be of interest?

All the best,

Nicolas Christener | nicolas.christener at ch-open.ch | +41 76 335 32 57
Verein Swiss Open Systems User Group /ch/open
Belegscanning, 10073 | Postfach | CH-6009 Luzern | http://www.ch-open.ch
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