Cloud Storage service provider with Free Software?

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Sun Oct 29 19:11:31 UTC 2023

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what about ?

Or ?

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Am 29. Oktober 2023 20:05:54 MEZ schrieb "Bernhard E. Reiter" <bernhard at>:
>is there a cloud storage provider for private people that offers
>a few GiByte for a reasonable fee, is a European company that hosts in Europe 
>and is very Free Software friendly?
>Got asked that by someone and did not find many provider easily.
>Found from Latvia that offers Nextcloud
>for one user starting with 128 GByte at 60€/year
>or 72€/year 80 Gbyte for more users.
>Found from Spain with 200 GB for 42€/year
>claiming that stuff is Free Software
>They look less serious with a currently large introductory deal and a lifetime 
>option (which cannot really work as costs will occur forever).
>Does anyone have experiences with this company, it software and services?
>In Germany there is also Magenta Cloud and Strato which do not seem to be
>very Free Software friendly though. And which does not seem to be available separately.
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