Cloud Storage service provider with Free Software?

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at
Sun Oct 29 19:05:54 UTC 2023


is there a cloud storage provider for private people that offers
a few GiByte for a reasonable fee, is a European company that hosts in Europe 
and is very Free Software friendly?

Got asked that by someone and did not find many provider easily.

Found from Latvia that offers Nextcloud
for one user starting with 128 GByte at 60€/year
or 72€/year 80 Gbyte for more users.

Found from Spain with 200 GB for 42€/year
claiming that stuff is Free Software
They look less serious with a currently large introductory deal and a lifetime 
option (which cannot really work as costs will occur forever).
Does anyone have experiences with this company, it software and services?

In Germany there is also Magenta Cloud and Strato which do not seem to be
very Free Software friendly though. And which does not seem to be available separately.


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