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Matthias Kirschner mk at
Thu Nov 18 07:15:24 UTC 2021

I thought some of you might be interested in this open call(s) to get
funding for Free Software.

Best regards,

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Dear all,

as many of you I believe know, NLnet is a small grantmaker that runs
several funds - always involving free and open source software &
hardware, open data, etc.

We are also involved in something called the Next Generation Internet
initiative. This mail is to flag an open call from one of our sister
programmes in that context ("NGI DAPSI"), which is aimed at "data and
service portability". This call runs until November 23rd, and is the
third (and final) open call.

NGI DAPSI is aimed at creating alternatives for dominant end user
services - from video conferencing tools and social networks to online
office suites, and from encrypted file exchange to calendar servers.
Whereever users are locked in, or their data is, and FOSS can help -
that is when you can apply.

This grant program can provide grants up to €150.000 to develop free and
open source solutions that deliver data and service portability.

This is their final (and budget-wise biggest) call - so if you know any
alternative to a dominant internet service that needs financial support,
do apply. Also dealing with open standards like ODF is on topic. Don't
be discouraged if the wording is a bit odd - if they can fund
postmarketOS, Cryptpad etc they can likely fund other relevant projects
in this wide space too. If you need some encouragement or support, let
me know.

For more info:


P.S. And allow me to shortly plug our 'own' NGI Assure open call, for those
working on decentralised solutions, collaborative editors, practical
cryptography, etc. Next deadline December 1st, more info:

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