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  > In a lot of ways I think the bigger problem for free software games is
  > discoverability. Have you played Smalltrek? How about Witch's Blast?
  > OpenAlchemist? Diver Down? Mindcrosser? Hijinx: A Christmas Capper?
  > Seahorse Adventures? Shattered Pixel Dungeon? Anagramarama? Ardentryst?

We can do something to help with that.  The first step is to add entries
in for them.

Then we could make another page with a list of these free games
and put it on  It could have 5-10 lines of description
of each game.


  > Non-free game engines I agree with. I think non-free tools is not
  > enforceable. If the developer uses free content from or
  > other sites, they may have no idea how the content was created. It
  > makes sense to not allow non-free tools to build the game.

I agree that there is nothing to be gained by making rules about how
the files _were_ written or tested.  Or about what tools a participant
privately uses.  If you prefer to use a non-free text editor, that has
no effect on anyone else, so we have no reason to bother you about
that.  We don't even need to ask what you actually use.

The rules that make sense are about what the release program allows
developers to do to develop it further.  So every file should be suitable
for editing with a free editor, and compiling with a free compiler, etc.

Side issue.  May I suggest not using the word "content" to describe
works of authorship or art?  That term subtly denigrates _all_ of them.


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