LibreJam - FSF* should host a Libre Game development tournament!

Jacob Hrbek kreyren at
Wed Dec 29 18:07:19 UTC 2021

I agree that one game jam won't cause a sudden influx of free software
games.. From my experience I think the effects of it will be seen after
+- 3rd iteration assuming that we are able to provide a sufficient:
1. promotion
2. economical support
3. preparation time (at least 1 month in advance)

for the game developers to keep their development going after the game jam.

I also agree that game jam submission usually get abandoned for reasons
highlighted in previous e-mail (in short due to the development
sustainability), but game jams with sufficient promotion are usually
maintained after the jam ended unless the theme was to make a short game
e.g. (random selection of games from LudumDare that seems to be
complying with GPLv3):
1. Ludum Dare 49 ("LD49")
2. LD49 submission
3. LD49 Submission
4. LD49 submission

And even if the game gets abandoned in Free Software Game Jam then
anyone can take over and maintain if which i assume will happen on
regular bases if the submission is good.

Also if our goal is to stimulate development of Free Software games then
we should adapt the game jam to discourage making a short games (lot of
game jams are done for development exercise that are designed to not be
developed after the jam ended).

On 12/29/21 18:30, Dennis Payne wrote:
> I don't think a game jam will cause a sudden influx of quality free
> software games. I don't think it is a bad idea to have one but I doubt
> it will be a great source of quality free software games. Jam games are
> not typically developed further beyond the jam.
 In a lot of ways I think the bigger problem for free software games is
> discoverability. Have you played Smalltrek? How about Witch's Blast?
> OpenAlchemist? Diver Down? Mindcrosser? Hijinx: A Christmas Capper?
> Seahorse Adventures? Shattered Pixel Dungeon? Anagramarama? Ardentryst?
>> 3. Ban any non-free game engines and any non-free tools e.g. to
> require using GNU GIMP instead of AS Photoshop.
> Non-free game engines I agree with. I think non-free tools is not
> enforceable. If the developer uses free content from or
> other sites, they may have no idea how the content was created. It
> makes sense to not allow non-free tools to build the game.
> I agree that using for the jam would be easiest but I don't
> think the site is free software. Many of the tools they create are such
> as the app and butler.
> --
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi at
-- Jacob Hr

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