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Am Sonntag 02 September 2018 09:29:15 schrieb Matthias Hager:
> Drain the swamp! 

please be civil on this list, which in this case means: be more specific.

I'm seeing a number of emails in the last week on this list, 
which senders were not active on this list before, seem to come from
less active email addresses in the net and use a simple political, provocative

> Not just Matthias, the whole GA needs to go. Wish I could be at 
> the GA meeting in Berlin but FSFE is not worth the effort.

The problem with your mail is, that it seems to imply that there is a fire
somewhere that needs fighting. But without going into the details and missing 
logic: If everyone from FSFE legal background should go away, it would meant 
FSFE to go away. It does not make sense to propose this to FSFE.

If this is your view, a good path forward would be to find or start an 
organisation that you can build up with fellow people and start supporting 
Free Software the way you want it. FSFE always wanted to complement not to 
supercede other organisations that support Free Software.

Best Regards,

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