Let's make FSFE great again!

Matthias Hager matthias.hager at zoho.eu
Sun Sep 2 07:29:15 UTC 2018

So some elements of the GA thought they were smarter than the community and spent the last 12 months making up petty little conspiracies to try and snuff out the elected fellowship representative? Here's a tip: when you give a man a job to do, don't mess him around like that. Now we all knows why so much unpleasantness has been spilling over into public lists.  It is not one person, it is the stink of an elite right under our noses. Drain the swamp!  Not just Matthias, the whole GA needs to go. Wish I could be at the GA meeting in Berlin but FSFE is not worth the effort. mh Sent using Zoho Mail
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