subdomains for testing things (was: forums, mailing lists and other tools)

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Feb 8 09:32:41 UTC 2018

On 08/02/18 08:27, Max Mehl wrote:
> # hellekin [2018-02-01 11:05 +0100]:
>> On Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 07:26:42AM +0100, Florian Snow wrote:
>>> This may have been mentioned before, but there is a Discourse instance
>>> at
>> Hmmm, no there is not, only a broken page. Anyway, if it existed when
>> I proposed my services last year, nobody mentioned it. If it is more
>> recent I find it surprising and upsetting that I have to learn it from
>> the general discussion list. FSFE's community outreach has been, in my
>> experience, suboptimal -- a cool-down euphemism for catastrophic.
> The Discourse instance, which I think I've explained multiple times on
> this list, has been set up by volunteers. It is still in a testing
> status so it's rather senseless for the FSFE to promote it.
> Of course you are invited to help them [^1] and help the FSFE and its
> community to try new communication tools.
> Best,
> Max
> [^1]:

Could we have a dedicated sub-domain for anything like this that is
running as a test?

Using a domain like "" runs the risk that it is
perceived as or used as if it were a supported service.

Renaming it to or or
something similar would be a good idea.

Furthermore, management of the subdomains for testing (call it "lab
support") could be delegated to a wider group than management of the
main domain (if we consider that to be "production support")



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