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On 29.08.2018 22:57, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> If you look at any of the significant resignations of CEOs or political
> leaders, it is usually the same pattern: they have done many good things
> but then they made one miscalculation and they have to go for the good
> of the organization.
> Somebody else then gets to have a turn at leading and they may also make
> a really strong contribution too.

This approach might work in a big organisation but not in a small one as we
are. Let me give you the point of view of a staffer:

We are currently 5 employees and the president. We sit in a tiny office in
Berlin together (you have been here, you know how tiny it is), we split the
work in departments, we keep an eye on people getting their free time but also
always having someone available in the office, we plan long-time campaigns
together, we spent weekends together working for Free Software, share trains,
hotels etc.

To let everything for us and for the FSFE run smoothly we need trust, flat
hierarchies and good relationships.

What staffers definitely not need is bullfighting alpha animals that just wait
for something to happen and then to take over the leadership and tell the
employees top-down what needs to be changed and be done in a different way.

And Matthias currently has full support by the staffers.


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