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Am Mittwoch 29 August 2018 22:57:18 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> If you look at any of the significant resignations of CEOs or political
> leaders, it is usually the same pattern: they have done many good things
> but then they made one miscalculation and they have to go for the good
> of the organization.

to me this is a highly simplified view and I do not share it. To me
it is a lot of work to be the leading moderator of an organisation, I don't 
think what you've stated above would stand a serious examination. In addition 
the FSFE is not just another company or political party.

> Notice that in this case, there is quantifiable evidence that the number
> of fellows has been falling since they were told they are only
> "supporters".  

Even if there were, I cannot see how you would link it to the name change.
And even if you did, maybe it was good to clarify the relation as it has been 
from the beginning even in the name?
In addition the FSFE is not about the number of supporters, it is about 
furthering Free Software and the education of Free Software for the public 

> In any organization with a genuine democracy, there
> would already be at least one other person campaigning for the role of
> president right now.

As I did explained elsewhere: The FSFE cannot be a "democracy" (as we cannot 
know who is the "demos" and we are not a mandatory "membership" organisation 
like a state.) 

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