The take-away message?

Joe Awni joe.awni at
Thu Aug 30 07:57:04 UTC 2018

I see the same patterns showing up in this discussion again and again. Most
reasonable, sane, and modern people would have quietly excused themselves
from fruitless communication. I would like to do the same, but my
obligation will not allow it.

I've been privately corresponding with a number of folks from the
discussion-list. We suspect that not everyone understands the contemporary
context or history of this software movement and therefore could be
forgiven for kind-of defaulting to just-a-private-German-club status where
a dozen legal members are in absolute charge. This seems to be the
direction the office in Berlin would be most pleased with. But, as I said
before, in that case I would consider them domain-name-squatters.

We need the answer to a basic question from paid staff:

Besides the obvious recent trend of taking offense at the suggestion that
you should do, claiming that most people don't actually want you to do, or
just hoping that this discussion will fade-away, soon, what do you consider
your job at FSFE to be?

And before you try to flame-bait me into a discussion about your feelings I
include this disclaimer: I am not responsible for your feelings weather
they be true or not, and I am not willing to see the discussion diverted
into minutia. I have to protect myself; I have already been victim of
physical bullying while attending Free Software events. You can read my
thread for more info on the beat-down in Brussels at FOSDEM 2016.
Therefore, I apologise in-advance, I will not be physically attending any
meetings or naming individuals.
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