community feedback on GA meeting agenda?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Sep 28 12:12:51 UTC 2017

On 28/09/17 14:06, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>> Notice that in that proposal, the word "remove" is the only possibility
>> in the first sentence and the word "remove" is the leading option in the
>> second sentence.
> So we can ask Matthias to rephrase that perhaps. It's factually true
> some members have proposed to remove the Fellowship seats. Other's have
> stated they would like to see an update of the wording to reflect
> reality. And yet others have expressed a wish to review the structure
> as part of altering the Fellowship seats.
> Since this really is intended as a yes/no point, I do think Matthias
> might rephrase that to clarify the intent. (This is the official agenda,
> during which most topics should have a clear yes/no option).
> We will need to discuss structural questions as well, but I don't believe
> there's support from the members to do that now. As you know, we're
> currently in a process to review and renew our committment to our
> organisational identity and self perception.  When we decided to engage
> in that work, we also made a timeline for when certain discussions can
> reasonably happen.
> Discussions around reviewing our organisational structure is on that
> timeline, and the thinking is to work towards having those at the
> end of 2018 and into 2019. The process of working through the structure
> is a significant committment, and will take time. I don't envision us
> doing that with taking less than a year for it.
> Having a renewed comittment to an organisational identity prior to this
> is one of the keys to making sure we can succesfully discuss the
> structure.

A simple way forward, changing it to a yes/no question, may be asking
the GA to vote on the motion "The constitution is amended to rename the
Fellowship Representative to Community Representative"

Would anybody else like to propose a name other than "Community

Everything else in this topic could be deferred, unless somebody wants
to formally propose a motion to remove the position.



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