community feedback on GA meeting agenda?

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Thu Sep 28 12:06:18 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

> Notice that in that proposal, the word "remove" is the only possibility
> in the first sentence and the word "remove" is the leading option in the
> second sentence.

So we can ask Matthias to rephrase that perhaps. It's factually true
some members have proposed to remove the Fellowship seats. Other's have
stated they would like to see an update of the wording to reflect
reality. And yet others have expressed a wish to review the structure
as part of altering the Fellowship seats.

Since this really is intended as a yes/no point, I do think Matthias
might rephrase that to clarify the intent. (This is the official agenda,
during which most topics should have a clear yes/no option).

We will need to discuss structural questions as well, but I don't believe
there's support from the members to do that now. As you know, we're
currently in a process to review and renew our committment to our
organisational identity and self perception.  When we decided to engage
in that work, we also made a timeline for when certain discussions can
reasonably happen.

Discussions around reviewing our organisational structure is on that
timeline, and the thinking is to work towards having those at the
end of 2018 and into 2019. The process of working through the structure
is a significant committment, and will take time. I don't envision us
doing that with taking less than a year for it.

Having a renewed comittment to an organisational identity prior to this
is one of the keys to making sure we can succesfully discuss the

Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

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