Fwd: Consultation on fixing issues of the internet

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at hyperbola.info
Fri Sep 22 00:58:50 UTC 2017

I agree... This is why I think that the HTML standard should demand
script supporting web browsers to offer such detailed messages to the
users. This at least is an attempt to make website owners/proprietors
follow the standards. Of course, during the filling process, I also
expressed the same concerns as you: the most challenging part is making
the proprietors/owners do the right thing (because the strategy can
backfire if these decide to implement their own
"future-HTML"-non-compliant web browser, probably inside an "app").

Theo Schmidt <sus2006 at bluewin.ch> writes:

> Am 16.09.2017 um 22:31 schrieb Adonay Felipe Nogueira:
>> I have sent my suggestion, mainly about reforming the current HTML
>> standard ...
> ...
>> Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org> writes:
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> do you think a certain aspect of the core internet technology is broken?
>>> Do you have an idea what could be done about it? This is the time to
>>> submit your idea to:
>>>                       https://nlnet.nl/NGI
> I am less concerned with the technology but rather with what people do
> with it. Every day more and more previousl fine websites are "broken",
> designed for and by people with vertically held smartphones of the
> newest generation and very fast flatrate internet connections, and
> poorly functioning for almost everybody else, in particular people
> with older devices not using mainstream software.
> This is really a political thing, but even the politicians who are for
> equality and the same rights for all, simply don't get it.
> Regards, Theo
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