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natacha natacha at lesoiseaux.io
Tue Sep 5 12:44:25 UTC 2017

Dear Carmen,

I certainly do not want to continue eternally this conversation so I am
not going to respond point by point, but only a quick answer on the
issue of discriminationGod knows I sometimes feel

> like I'm cheating the system and just winging it rather than having any
> substantial merit. How could I not, when every day I encounter some
> software thing I know absolutely nothing about?
This is at the heart of working learning and developing, no one knows
everything, we all have different skills and intelligences. It is always
very difficult to find oneself in front of the unknown, even more for
those who lack community support, it does not mean in any case that the
position is not merited quite the contrary it takes a lot of courage to
go where one is not expected.

On 09/05/2017 10:31 AM, discussion-request at lists.fsfe.org wrote:
> People of all ethnicities and genders are
> equals, and I will treat them as equals without any prejudice.  If that
> is not enough, I do not know what is.
I would rather say people of all ethnicities and genders are born equal,
but the problem is that they immediately loose this because of social
unfairness (look at the chances of baby survival versus income or race
or gender for example), so well no in real life not everyone is equal
society creates many inequalities, this is why some programs are
organized to compensate for them, not only this is not discrimination,
but it is also very productive for society since supporting a little the
ones who have less chances to access privileged social position is very
rewarding to society as it is very little investment to support someone
who will bring a lot of knew knowledge.

On 09/05/2017 10:31 AM, discussion-request at lists.fsfe.org wrote:
> What you probably mean, is that squabbles occur less often in diverse
> environments.  That is an interesting point of view, but I cannot vouch
> one way or the other.  I do not know.  I imagine the opposite, because
> this increases the surface area of things that people do not have in
> common and may thus fight over, but that's just a silly hypothesis.

As for diversity it appears that an overly homogeneous community risks
fragmentation from those who refuse and stagnation from the lack of
contribution. The chief advantage of diversity is the opportunity to
learn from someone with a different background and perspective and to
share that knowledge. This is why diversity is essential in a healthy
society and even if diversity leads to squabbles learning how to solve
them is really rewarding.

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