Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Max Mehl max.mehl at
Wed Jul 26 08:53:07 UTC 2017

Hi Jonas,

# Jonas Oberg [2017-07-26 10:37 +0200]:
>>  Some services are Free Software unfriendly and harm your privacy.
> Are there any services we list which don't work with Free Software? If so,
> I think it's best to state that:
>   Some services don't work with Free Software or harm your privacy.
> If all services we list can be connected to with Free Software, then we
> might well just shorten it to:
>   Some services harm your privacy.

Good point but not easy to answer. All services can be viewed with a
Free Software browser but e.g. Facebook tries to convince you of
downloading the non-free Messenger app (you cannot even write FB
messages on your mobile browser anymore IIRC). LibreJS may also warn its
users with most of these services' sites. Is this already Free Software


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