Fellowship elections participation

Florian Snow floriansnow at fsfe.org
Thu Apr 27 04:29:54 UTC 2017

Hi Erik,

Erik Albers <eal at fsfe.org> writes:
> thanks for bringing this up, this was also one point I was considering
> it could be a downer. Hence, I already proposed to shorten this time
> significantly. Can someone second this thought?

Seconded.  Once the candidates are known, we don't need a whole lot of
time to start voting.  It's not like we are going to need a lot of time
for campaigning.  The only campaigning appears to be questions from
potential voters and other volunteers and statements on the Wiki from
candidates.  I like this kind of campaign and it doesn't take a long
time.  Perhaps extending the time people have to cast their vote is an
idea worth considering as well.

Happy hacking!

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