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André Ockers ao at fsfe.org
Tue Apr 25 15:13:45 UTC 2017

Hi Erik and list,

Op dinsdag 25 april 2017 13:00:51 schreef Erik Albers:
> the Fellowship elections 2017 are over and the winner is Daniel Pocock.

Congratulations to Daniel Pocock!

> However, former elections with only one (!) candidate and without reminders
> and no public hustings (2016 and 2014) have had more participation ...
> Why is this? Please help us to understand what FSFE can do to make the
> electiosn more appealing or raise participation?
> Or help us to understand what was the reason that this year there was such a
> low amount of participation?

I can only speak for myself.
Earlier there was talk that FSFE made the decision that in the course of this 
year, the Fellowship is going to be ended, and we'll all just be supporters. I 
almost did not vote because of this, but in the end I did, just to let my 
voice heard.

Best regards,
André Ockers
Fellow, Free Software Foundation Europe

ao at fsfe.org
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Word lid van de Fellowship en bescherm uw vrijheid!
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