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Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Wed Apr 26 06:36:21 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

> I wonder if FSFE could get a summer intern to look at this specific
> question, look at the models used by other non-profit organizations,
> survey volunteers and donors and prepare a shortlist of options?

That's a good idea. In a separate mail you elaborated on another model
for non-profits, and there are certainly many of them. You also started
with some of the questions worth asking and Paul also felt the need for
an (informal) survey to find everyone's motivation and to use this as
the basis for our further development.

This is also my feeling at the moment: before we talk about whether to
adopt model A or B or C, we should know more about our current community
and take a deep and hard lock at some of the tensions which define how
the FSFE is positioned and structured.

I also believe that as we learn more, we will uncover more questions which
we would like to have answers to. On my side, I've actually also started to
work out a few (more analytical) questions which I would like to know the
position of the FSFE (our community; members, fellows, volunteers).

So I think we could perhaps start with defining the process we'd use to
find these answers, ideally starting with a few short and brief questions
to engage people, and which we then follow up on. This could include needing
to take on an intern for this work.

(There's absolutely no problem having an intern, we just need to find the
right candidate / announce the position)

> How soon did you want to implement the change from Fellow to Supporter?
> Could this be deferred for another 3 months, for example, to let more
> Fellows give feedback?

This is part of a larger work which Erik and I are starting which include
working through our communication more generally: our news section on the
web site, our newsletter, our website, automated emails, and so on and so
forth. The change from Fellow to Supporter isn't first on our agenda, but
I expect to get to it within the next months -- so not immediate, but
I also wouldn't want to delay it much.

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