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Paul Hänsch <paul at>, Tuesday, 1 March 2016, 13:27:12 CET: 
> Well, I thought it's more Wiki-Wordy..-ish...

I guess if you prefer that spelling, it's ok.  It's a minor detail 

> To be honest, your campaign came a little sudden to me. 

I'm sorry we surprised you like that.  I had heard you were working on 
an update to either the design or the software, but I didn't know you 
were working on reorganizing the content.  Had I known that, I would 
have contacted you directly first.

I like your suggestion in one of your other mails to not import 
categories at this point, but to instead import all pages to a category 
that essentially says "Fixme".  That way, the new wiki would still be 
usable, but we could easily see which parts still need editing.

In the meantime, I will collect some sensible categories.

In your other mail, you also mentioned naming conventions as in 
"Category/Sausage and Category/Vegetable".  Am I right in assuming that 
this is where the category page itself would be found?  So I would put 
"CategoryVegetable" on a page to assign it to the category "vegetable", 
but if I want to call the category itself (for an overview of all pages 
in that category, for example), I would go to "Category/Vegetable"?  
Just checking because in the old wiki and in the draft set of standards, 
it says every category has to start with the word "Category".

Happy hacking!

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