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Paul Hänsch paul at
Thu Mar 3 12:19:19 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-01 18:52, Florian Snow wrote:
> In your other mail, you also mentioned naming conventions as in
> "Category/Sausage and Category/Vegetable".  Am I right in assuming  
> that
> this is where the category page itself would be found?

A category name and the category page are the same thing in moin wiki.  
In order to have the categroy pages all in a subfolder I had to  
introduce the slash '/' into the name. This means when marking a page  
as belonging to a category, you will have to use the slash too. It is  
part of the actual name. The same goes for Group/, and Template/.

> Just checking because in the old wiki and in the draft set of  
> standards,
> it says every category has to start with the word "Category".

The default moin wiki configuration has, as you describe, all  
categroies at top level and starting with this name. In our setup it  
was necessary to change this behavour in ragrds to group pages, because  
as it is we have some awkward name space collisions between MoinWiki  
permission groups and Fellowship Groups which coincidentally happen to  
be named in the same fashion.

To be consistent I adopted the naming convention for Categories and  
Templates as well. I'll see that this gets documented on the WikiAdmin  
page, unless someone else is quicker ;-)

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