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Tue Mar 1 12:27:12 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-01 07:56:18, Florian Snow wrote:
> Thank you for that!  I'm not trying to be picky, but is there are  
> reason
> caretakers has been split into two words?

Well, I thought it's more Wiki-Wordy..-ish...

> > Please think of top level structures, categories and templates and  
> set
> > them up.
> I'm happy to help with the migration, but I don't think we had enough
> time to think about appropriate structures yet.  We're still in a  
> phase
> of collecting ideas.

To be honest, your campaign came a little sudden to me. After the Wiki  
has degraded into such a bad shape over time I just started to take on  
the cleanup work on my own and you catched me when the stone was  
already rolling. Still in the right moment though.

> By th way, I had an idea to edit the CSS to make the wiki look more  
> like
> the FSFE front page.  If this is a goal, then what would be the best  
> way
> of trying out those ideas?  I currently use stylish, but that is a bit
> messy to debug.

With your fellowship account you can check out

So far I've been very careful not to make the style dependent on any  
JavaScript, to override the python-based html-templates as little as  
possible, and to not use any extensive style libraries.
I'm still updating the style occasionally, when I notice things that  
look odd (probably going to happen with image and calendar pages)

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