Candidacy FSFE Fellowship Representative

Joe Awni joe.awni at
Mon Apr 18 17:31:09 UTC 2016

As candidate, i would aggressively pursue FOSS goals.

I don't think its right to sweep the emotionally charged issues under the
rug like a piece of dust, and i did not criticize forks.

As poster and correspondent, i will never attempt to use dehumanizing
epithets such as "troll" on coders or non-coders.
This process of dehumanization is not welcome in the FOSS community.

Further, you inability to make specific points, instead relying on ad
hominem attacks means i dont even want to engage with you.

On 18 April 2016 at 13:25, Florian Snow <floriansnow at> wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> I understand that you are frustrated, but you are behaving like a troll,
> so please also understand people's reactions.  You have been offered
> help on IRC many times, but you did not want to listen and you refused
> to even give an error message or a clear description of which steps you
> took to sign up.
> Your messages _did_ go through to the list and Max told you so on
> Saturday.  You have still received polite responses here, motivating you
> to register as a candidate next year and your responses are often a
> mixture of conspiracy theories and completely unrelated issues.
> It is regrettable that developers kill themselves, but that has nothing
> to do whatsoever with the elections for a Fellowship representative.
> The person in that position has no influence on the state of mind of
> developers.  The FSFE is mainly in the business of educating the public
> about Free Software.  And one of the goals of Free Software is also to
> facilitate forks so people can compete on a level playing field.  You
> criticize forks so I don't know what to say about that.
> The responses about the constitution are not legal mumbo-jumbo.  You
> make more and more outrageous statements here.  I (and I think everyone
> here) appreciate your enthusiasm and energy, but you're overdoing it
> here.  Maybe you can channel that enthusiam towards something else for
> now and become a candidate next year?
> Happy hacking!
> Florian
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