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Sat Oct 10 06:41:15 UTC 2015

On 10/10/15 00:10, Andrés Muñiz Piniella wrote:
>>> related topics to Free software.
>> Welcome to the list!
> Ditto! You have helped me before in Ubuntu-uk mailing list, glad to see you here.
>>> I would be interested in hearing from anyone in the Local area who is
>>> also interested in promoting free software so that we can perhaps
>>> collaborate a little.
>> You might want to be a bit more specific here. I do not know whether we
>> have anyone active near Devon, but we do have some people who have been
>> active in the past in the UK.
> Here in southwest London is problably not local enough?
>>> I work in a school so am in a good position or will be in a better
>>> position soon to try and promote software freedom in schools, as that
>>> does also tie in with the curriculum,  perhaps using software
>> legally,
>>> free software is an alternative to buying software or most certainly
>>> pirating software of any kind.
>> Sounds interesting. Do you have anything more detailed in mind?
> As a parent I would like to know how I need to talk to,  the teacher, headmaster, PTA, company that does IT support, council, ...?

I am posting this reply again as when I sent it it didn’t go to the list
(i hit reply not reply list)

Part of the curriculum is about using computers / IT responsibly

KS 2.7 / KS 3:9 (for example)

So this should allow people to teach there are different models of
software licensing, Also there is the issue of privacy, so again there
is scope to discuss free software.

It is really about being able to talk to the teachers,  but as the fsf
produce a video on free software it is short enough and to the point,
so play that and discuss, or try to.

I am not a teacher but hopefully can come up with some ideas &
resources to help if nothing else it is a topic to discuss.

I can't comment on how to get in to the procurement of software for
schools,  what I am proposing here is that we promote free software as a
legal way to obtain software (oh and it just happens to have a stack of
other advantages)

I am sure google and others who are interested in free software will
back us up in this,  as Microsoft are also influencing the curriculum, I
can't see them promoting free software or should we say software
freedom. but that is not a bad thing both sides of the argument need to
be presented.


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