National Health Service UK company uses AGPL for electronic health care software

Andres a75576 at
Tue Oct 6 09:36:25 UTC 2015

Dear all,
I have been offered to register to a doctor service to book my
appointments online [0]
So digging around I have just come across this [1] as far as I
understand it seems that a particular company [2] that works with the
National Health Service UK (NHS) have set their code it on github 1 year
ago [3] under AGPL which is a great win I think.
In March 2015 this company [2] has partner up with another company [4]
to share their patient data [5]. But this second company does not
release their code (or at least I have not found it) it might be that
they are moving towards the first companies code? Most of the
information is found by following up on links from this wikipedia
article [6] 

OK so this is where my research finishes or hits a dead end. How do I
know that [0] is in fact the front end or a fork of [3]? If I want to
request a copy of the code used how and to whom do I request it to? Also
looking at the code in [3] I have seen that nothing seems to have moved
for over a year which makes me think it was just tossed over the wall.



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