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André Ockers ao at fsfe.org
Mon Oct 5 18:58:51 UTC 2015

 Hi Samuel,

Op 05-10-15 om 17:26 schreef Samuel Caraliu:
> I'm writing this entry to present something i think is a great idea on
> how to transform the internet into a free and really open market.
Great idea.

> The core ideaz of this project are:
>   * It would be nice to have an worldwide publicly available data on
>     products and services request;
Before buildng the technical infrastructure, please think through:
-    who are going to deliver these data? are they reliable?
-    what about the grey and black economy, were non-transparancy rules?
they could monitor your site and adapt their price level to your
information so they keep winning.
-    what about people who buy goods and services, to speculate?
-    what about governments? not all of them favour openness. they could
monitor your site and take action.
-    what about geographical/political issues? Take petrol. In the
Netherlands, the petrol comes in at Rotterdam harbour. Still, gasoline
prices are lower farther away in the border areas because in bordering
countries the taxes on it are generally lower and the petrol stations
still want to compete. So the buyer of petrol in Rotterdam subsidizes
the buyer of petrol in the border areas. This is just one example.
>   * It would be nicer if worldwide trading would be made in a much
>     transparent environment;
Again, a great idea.
>   * It would be more interesting to have a general worldwide public
>     data on the global market.
It would be an enormous task.

I see that you are with Facebook. May I suggest GNU Social and/or Diaspora?

Best regards,

André Ockers
Fellow, Free Software Foundation Europe

ao at fsfe.org
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