more communities for federated RTC?

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Sun May 31 10:12:13 UTC 2015

Don't forget the TOX project (no servers, all encrypted data,
audio&video, chat, chatroom multi-audio, many plateforms, ...) :

Tested with qTox interface and uTox interface.
QTox is very recommended by me for the moment (more stable with video flux).


Le 31/05/2015 10:21, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
> The SIP service has been active for over a year and the
> service for Fedora is actively being evaluated[1] and will
> hopefully be adopted as official Fedora infrastructure.
> Can anybody think of other communities that would run this solution?
> Would FSF Europe like to play an active role in engaging other
> communities to try this now that we have a way forward to replace Skype?
> RTC Quick Start guide[2] documents everything that has been done in the
> and sites and is a blueprint for anybody who wants
> to replicate this.
> Two common points of concern when I discuss it with system administrators:
> a) they don't want to run an Asterisk instance because they tried it
> once already and realized they don't have time to learn and support a
> whole PBX
> b) softphones on Linux frequently have NAT problems and one-way-audio
> problems and this makes many complaints and time wasted and a bad
> impression of the service
> The solution chosen for and is not a full
> Asterisk, it is just a SIP proxy, so that resolves the first problem.
> WebRTC and TURN have advanced NAT traversal capabilities and all the
> logic is in the browser, the server (and administrator) are not
> responsible for troubleshooting a million complaints about NAT, that
> resolves the second problem.
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> 2.
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