more communities for federated RTC?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Sun May 31 08:21:42 UTC 2015

The SIP service has been active for over a year and the service for Fedora is actively being evaluated[1] and will
hopefully be adopted as official Fedora infrastructure.

Can anybody think of other communities that would run this solution?
Would FSF Europe like to play an active role in engaging other
communities to try this now that we have a way forward to replace Skype?

RTC Quick Start guide[2] documents everything that has been done in the and sites and is a blueprint for anybody who wants
to replicate this.

Two common points of concern when I discuss it with system administrators:
a) they don't want to run an Asterisk instance because they tried it
once already and realized they don't have time to learn and support a
whole PBX
b) softphones on Linux frequently have NAT problems and one-way-audio
problems and this makes many complaints and time wasted and a bad
impression of the service

The solution chosen for and is not a full
Asterisk, it is just a SIP proxy, so that resolves the first problem.
WebRTC and TURN have advanced NAT traversal capabilities and all the
logic is in the browser, the server (and administrator) are not
responsible for troubleshooting a million complaints about NAT, that
resolves the second problem.



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