Trying to make a DIY server

Nuno Castro at
Wed Mar 13 02:50:19 UTC 2013

Good people,

I'm currently planning a big endeavour. I have a small, but dedicated, team
of people who want to provide a decentralized, free and ethical web
solution for the Portuguese section of the IWA[1]. Our plan is to create a
server from scratch. I know of some projects, like Jerry, the DIY server[2]
and specific distros for hosting, such as yunohost[3]. But I was wondering
if anyone could give me tips or clues to get started and get going with
this demanding project.

We are planning to make local and nation-wide innitiaves promoting free
software, and if we could make this project happen, it would be a big boost
to our confidence and it would also be a starting point to make workshops
and lectures to share the knowledge we may acquire with the general
population, providing the basis to make an ethical, decentralized network
of independent service providers. Also, check out this amazing project
(it's mostly in catalan, but there's an English translation going on)[4].

Stay cool, happy hacking,

Nuno Castro


P.S.: pessoal da ANSOL, desculpem estar a escrever em en_US, ainda que
saiba que nao e problema.
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