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Wed Mar 13 10:24:17 UTC 2013


   Este tipo de projectos são o que deviamos tentar acompanhar para ganhar
neutralidade e ficar livre de dependências. Pelo menos a filosofia que lhe
está inerente.

   Rafael António

Quoting Nuno Castro <nuno.al.castro at gmail.com>:
> Good people,
>    I'm currently planning a big endeavour. I have a small, but  
> dedicated, team of people who want to provide a decentralized, free  
> and ethical web solution for the Portuguese section of the IWA[1].  
> Our plan is to create a server from scratch. I know of some  
> projects, like Jerry, the DIY server[2] and specific distros for  
> hosting, such as yunohost[3]. But I was wondering if anyone could  
> give me tips or clues to get started and get going with this  
> demanding project.
>    We are planning to make local and nation-wide innitiaves  
> promoting free software, and if we could make this project happen,  
> it would be a big boost to our confidence and it would also be a  
> starting point to make workshops and lectures to share the knowledge  
> we may acquire with the general population, providing the basis to  
> make an ethical, decentralized network of independent service  
> providers. Also, check out this amazing project (it's mostly in  
> catalan, but there's an English translation going on)[4].
>    Stay cool, happy hacking,
>    Nuno Castro
>    [1]iwa-ait.org[1]
>    [2]http://flavors.me/jerrydiy
>    [3]yunohost.org[2]
>    [4]http://www.guifi.net/en/node/38392
>    P.S.: pessoal da ANSOL, desculpem estar a escrever em en_US,  
> ainda que saiba que nao e problema.

[1] <a href="http://iwa-ait.org"> http://iwa-ait.org</a>
[2] <a href="http://yunohost.org"> http://yunohost.org</a>
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