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Bernhard Reiter reiter at fsfeurope.org
Wed Feb 4 08:30:53 UTC 2009

On Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009, jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com wrote:
> Well, I also speak about free software, but I also speak about open
> source. I agree that free software is better, and it is my first
> choice, but if I cannot have this freedom and I am given only "open
> source" then I am practical and I use that as well.

I was criticising _how_ you have used "open source".

You did use it in a way that people will falsely let to me believe that
it those might be different states for one piece of software, which is wrong.
I consider it okay to start where people stand, using the terms they know,
and then go to a better explained state.

Usually I use it like
	Free Software (another word for it is "Open Source") is good for society
	and business.

	Free Software (some say "Open Source") will foster equal chances in

	Free Software (Open Source) is good for science because someone can
	try to falsify the results and learn from how the other have done it.

But "apples, les pommes and äpfel" let me believe there are three different 
kind of fuits on the table. Personally I even find this worse than 
using "Open Source" consitantly. If you would  do that, at least you were 
clear about what it is which is a precondition for telling anybody - and 
other people would understand me criticising you for this choice as Free 
Software is much more instructive.


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