Boycott Trend Micro

Wiebe van der Worp wiebe at
Mon Feb 11 09:55:22 UTC 2008

Sam Liddicott wrote:
> The argumentof that website seems to be to boycott Trend Micro because it uses software patents whiich are all bogus.

... one of the arguments but I guess you base your opinion on what you 
read at the boycott main page...

> The argument is to weak to take beyond those who already opose software patents.
> The counter argument is that they are doing their best to work legitimately in a broken system and any 3rd party is bound to conclude that a differing of opinion on software patents (a matter they had not considered before) hardly warrants a boycott.
> I think a stronger and clearer case needs making that on that website.

Ok, the press release covers more arguments

But if you think it is important to mention more arguments on the main 
page that is possible of course. On the other hand there is a logical 
order top down on that page I don't want to disturb. I.e. teaser 
(cartoon), short intro (yes, no depth), act, learn more, stay up to date.

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