Boycott Trend Micro

Sam Liddicott sam at
Mon Feb 11 11:37:05 UTC 2008

* Wiebe van der Worp wrote, On 11/02/08 09:55:
> Sam Liddicott wrote:
>> The argumentof that website seems to be to boycott Trend Micro
>> because it uses software patents whiich are all bogus.
> ... one of the arguments but I guess you base your opinion on what you
> read at the boycott main page...

which is what I would be referring people to.

>> The argument is to weak to take beyond those who already opose
>> software patents.
>> The counter argument is that they are doing their best to work
>> legitimately in a broken system and any 3rd party is bound to
>> conclude that a differing of opinion on software patents (a matter
>> they had not considered before) hardly warrants a boycott.
>> I think a stronger and clearer case needs making that on that website.
> Ok, the press release covers more arguments

this does a better job

> But if you think it is important to mention more arguments on the main
> page that is possible of course. On the other hand there is a logical
> order top down on that page I don't want to disturb. I.e. teaser
> (cartoon), short intro (yes, no depth), act, learn more, stay up to date.

Sure, but it only appeals to the converted. If we want to convert people
to the boycott we need something that appeals to the unconverted.

Here's my rewording that I think would appeal more to people I would be
communicating with:

Would you do business with a company that would sue you for using a
competitors product?
Then Boycott Trend Micro.

Trend Micro have taken the astonishingly abusive step of prosecuting
users of a competing - and those users would say "superior" - product.

String-arm software companies have been known to sue each-other for
writing software supposedly covered by another's patent, but in this
case where a software company is going after the users instead of the

While <whoever> are taking steps to invalidate the software patent (as
has been done before <here> and <here>), many industry figures feel that
the software patent system is fundamentally broken, discourages
innovation <and blah blah> etc.

But whatever your views on software patents, or the validity of this
patent, suing customers is in singularly bad taste and can only damage
the marketplace.

We call upon all software vendors and users to boycott Trend Micro and
those who support them, to prevent this abusive behaviour becoming a BAD
TREND which will be bad for software business worldwide.

It makes them look like a bad-apple that will spoil business for other
large companies as well as users, rather than just a bully.

After all who wants to do business with someone who will sue them for
using a competing product whatever the reasons?


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